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A Kira Yamato x Shinn Asuka Community
Here and Now 
A/N: Alright, my writing these days has been getting more and more serious lately, and after reading Kiheada.Ray.T's story, I decided to start working on my own. I'll probably have to do some research on this, and believe me when I say that the content of this story is no laughing matter. I am not a very humorous writer, I take my writing very seriously, and this story will be very serious, any light-hearted moments will not have anything to do with the relationship between Gilbert Durandul and Shinn Asuka.
I will give fair warning to all who read this story, if you do not wish to read about then leave. I am in no way condoning this kind of behavior, and in fact, I find it repulsive. I DO NOT CONDONE THIS.
Also: this story deviates quite far from the actual storyline, I've invented things for this sake of this story, but I will try to incorporate as many of the original details as I can.
Chapter Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam SEED Destiny, if I did, the series would have turned out a LOT differently. I only own any original characters that make an appearance in this story and the plot itself. So no suing me.
Dedication: This fanfic is dedicated to one of my closest friends, Kate. Thanks for the inspiration and all the times that you've been there for me. This story is for you.
Summary: Shinn encounters Kira at the war memorial in Orb. They are later joined by Harmony Loussier, a friend and comrade of Kira's, who immediately takes a liking to him. The two parties part, each leaving a strong impression on one another.
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21st-Oct-2006 03:21 am - Kira_lovers Community
Hi, People.:D. Hope this is not a spam. (There was no rule :D) Anyway, there has been a new community called kira_lovers which is the onlybestest Kira community. Please come and join kira_lovers to spread Kira love:D

I will probably x-post this everywhere so sorry if you see it million times XD ^^;. (Sorry, Sorry, Sorry XD)
22nd-May-2006 05:17 am - [Figurine Piccies] KiraShinn Piccies
Gitaruru Crown
Just got my Kira and Shinn figurine yesterday and took a bunch.. (nearly 100) snap shots of them.. >.>; I wish croping and arrange them was as fun as taking them ; ; oh well anyway, here are the pics:

Kira x Shinn related...

Here's some screenshots the scene where Kira and Shinn (&Lacus!) meet for the first time at Orb. Screenshots are from Special Edition Vol.1. All re-drawn and re-voiced :D

Special Edition Screenshots of the new enhanced Kira&Lacus&Shinn Orb memorial scene from Phase 8!Collapse )
14th-Apr-2006 09:23 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone!

I've decided to join this community to post the first entry of this year! XD
So have fun with my fanart and enjoy the holidays!

( fake lj-cut  .... well, if you ask me this pic is harmless,  ... but be aware of two sweet cute nude males! .. hihi XD )
20th-Oct-2005 12:36 pm - Hello?
know-it-all, you don't know me
Is this community open? ::feels alone::
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